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merry christmas darling :)

MERRY HAPPY JOLLY CHRISTMAS WORLD! it's been another magical holiday in the twin cities, full of stories, gifts and of course, food food FOOD (i'm going to have to hit the gym hard core when i get home... yesss!) this year i decided to get creative and surprised my husband with the twelve days of christmas! each day he was greeted with a green and red packaged candy or movie or something of that sort! TODAY is the last day of christmas :( until next year anyways :) 

on the twelfth day of christmas my husband got from ME.... a painting! HA so it's not something that he will get much use of, but it's something that i MADE so it means more! because it's from the heart! right!? that's what they say anyways! 

my husband, dillon mariano winspear, is one of the greatest blessing in my life :) i am a lucky woman to have a man like him to come home to after a long day, to fall asleep with at night, and to wake up to in the morning! 

i met dillon when i was eighteen years old, SO full of dreams and excitement for life! he shared that same excitement and we hit it off INSTANTLY! we were best friends right from the get go and after a month of being "just friends", i won him over and talked him into being my BOYFRIEND! AH! :) what a saint! a couple of months later we were two crazy kids in love and went home to talk to our parents about getting MARRIED! OBVIOUSLY the parentals approved and dillon and i were married in august of 2010! 

this year has been the BEST of my entire life! everyday i learn something new and i grow that much closer to being the woman i pray to be someday! god placed dillon in my life for a reason! we are TRULY whole together! he's my other half in every way! he is my very BEST friend! he's honest and kind and DASHINGLY handsome and thoughtful and in-tune with the spirit and ambitious and determined and UNBELIEVABLY funny and he makes each day i'm with him the best day of my life! 

i love you babe :) MERRY MERRY christmas darling! you're the best gift i could have received! 

:) this is dillon and i living the dream with our homeboy santa HA

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