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it's not my fault

for digital illustration class, we were given NUMEROUS different topics and could decide upon which one we would like to paint! the one i decided to paint on is "it's not my fault". i debated doing a humorous comical piece, but then chose to do something completely different! 

recently, i studied the art of Anselm Kiefer. he's a german painter, sculptor, and photographer that does a lot of WWII subject matter. i decided that i would follow suit and do a holocaust piece.

Anselm said that growing up, nobody wanted to talk about what had happened there. the holocaust was a taboo subject. i think that the people of germany didn't want to face what had happened there. many of the nazi leaders committed suicide so that they weren't held accountable for what they had done. they didn't want to take the blame. they said, "it's not my fault." another take could be the little boy in the piece saying, "it's not my fault." this innocent child didn't do anything wrong and yet he had to pay for the mistakes of others. 

i know it's kind of a solemn subject... it's not my usual thing! i wanted to try something else though! i'm extremely fascinated by WWII in all of it's complexities! hopefully i can convey those complexities through this piece.

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