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HEYYY look what i can do!

WOW the semester is officially OVER!!! it feels like just yesterday i was going to my first day and now fall semester 2011 is done and the new year is on its way! the last couple of weeks have been absolutely INSANE... between getting ready for christmas and spending time with my husband, to getting every homework assignment or project done and studying for finals, to packing for out trip to minnesota and fulfilling my church calling, there has been ZERO time for relaxation!... until NOW :)

i've finally been reunited with my second home away from home, the BEAUTIFUL minnesota! although there's no snow yet, it finally feels like christmas :) i love sitting in the guest bedroom with the heater on, cozily sitting in a pile of blankets, reading a good book. it only gets better, when i can look out the window and see the frozen icy lake down the hill, surrounded by the gnarled winter trees. it is lovely and perfect in every way :) i love having this time with my in-laws.

my last assignment for digital illustration class (which was my final studio class ever... ah!!!) was to do a piece that was based on one of the MANY themes we had decided upon in class! i had wanted to do a holocaust-children piece themed around "it's not my fault". however, i left class after the critique feeling a bit discouraged by the idea. SO i decided to do something COMPLETELY different!

in high school i LOVED to doodle... it's the only thing that got me through history and english classes :) i loved line work and making marks simply for design's sake. this semester i have tried SO VERY HARD to do pieces in a more painterly style, but it feels like it's never COMPLETELY clicked. it's time to go back to what comes naturally!

this piece was themed around the phrase "look what i can do". i decided to use some fun colors and subject matter that i enjoy! i believe it was a success :) 

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