betty/seuss: (noun) a combination of the 1920's cultural icon, all-American baker Betty Crocker and the American writer-poet-cartoonist, known for his children's books and creative genius, Dr. Seuss!


my dear humpty dumpty

WELL HELLO WORLD :) it's been a while TO SAY THE LEAST! i've been so saddened by how little time i have to create now that i'm overwhelmed with business and advertising classes! i try to find a few minutes here and there to keep myself SANE through artwork! i've decided that i'm going to start illustrating some of my favorite children's nursery rhyme stories in three images each. 

nursery rhymes hold a forever special spot in my heart... the spot that's really warm and cozy, right in between my love for campfires and my love for rubber duckies :) growing up my mother and father instilled a LOVE for reading and books through nursery rhymes. i can still recall watching a home video of me sitting on the bed next to my dad reciting the story of "hickory dickory dock" and "hey diddle diddle" to him. 

i believe that nursery rhymes don't have any reason or moral or "lesson to be learned", they just inspire imagination! they tell of mice running around clocks and cows jumping over the moon! nursery rhymes teach children to dream big and explore the impossible! 

so here's to you mr. dumpty, you mark the beginning or my NEW nursery rhyme explorations!


Devin & Katie said...

jane! these are amazing! i'm still serious about having you illustrate this story of my dad's. it's about bears, by the way. i just have to get things rolling with it!

jane kennedy winspear said...

PLEASE DO! i would absolutely love to... STILL hahaha that'd be THE COOLEST! WE COULD MAKE A BOOK! AH ps bears are the best... my specialty... almost! well they COULD BE hahaha KEEP IN TOUCH MY DEAR :)